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My name is Kristan Kelly Williams.  I am a photographer living in Southern Oregon with my husband and two kids.  Photography is my calling, my passion, my other love.  I photograph the moments people experience.

Capturing a moment takes commitment to the subject.  It takes the right light and the right emotions.  I am passionate about what I do because I care about the people I am photographing.  The process I developed over the past 25 years, both professionally and personally, evolved into an experience not just a photo session. 

I learned many of these skills through a variety of opportunities including:  weddings, baby and family portraits, band photos, film stills and teaching photography to young adults.  I enjoy meeting new people, learning what they like and translating that into the photos that will capture those family bonds, new lives and new relationships.  Whether your portrait is against a landscape, a studio setting or your unique secret heaven, I want to be there to capture those memories.

Please call for a free consultation.  I look forward to meeting you!




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