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Coral's Quest

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Coral's Quest was created by Zoë, a 9-year-old shark and ocean conservationist, who has a dream to rid the world of plastic pollution. For years now, Zoë has expressed her passion to protect what she loves.

In early 2019, Zoë met an amazing illustrator named Sandra Aros.  Sandra and Zoë decided they would love to create a book together about plastic awareness. And just like that "Coral's Quest" was born! They have worked closely together for months now creating Coral and her world. Sandra has brought the story to life with colorful & detailed illustrations.  Sandra just graduated from High School and is planning to pursue book illustrating as her career.


Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise money to publish the book, Coral's Quest is now available for pre-order. We aim to have your personal copy available by Spring/Summer 2020. 

After researching many publishing options, we have decided to publish through Mascot Books, a hybrid publishing house. We wanted to ensure Coral's Quest is printed in hardcover with earth-friendly, high quality full-page, color illustrations. It’s important to Zoë that we are able to share this important message with as many people as possible.

Book Specifications: 

  • 10" x 8"  Hardcover Children's Picture Book

  • 38 pages on 100lb Full Color Interior Paper

  • The coated pages have a clay coating. All coated and uncoated pages are FSC certified, environmentally friendly, and easily recyclable. 

  • The inks and glosses used are wax-free and lead-free, so no pollutants or plastics are used.

  • It has been printed and bound in the U.S.

Meet the Author!

Meet the Artist!

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